Play Ace Gangster Taxi

Controls: Arrow-Keys

Ace Gangster Taxi lets you experience a part of the gangster life. A friend of yours has taken out a loan from some local loansharks and is in big trouble now. He owns a taxi company but has been forced to sell all his cabs in order to pay interest. Desperately in need for help he calls you up. As an old friend you decide to help your brother out. Only one old taxi is left and you will have to become a taxi driver to help your friend to pay back the loan.
To game is a classical top down taxi driving game. Take a seat and watch out for customers. Once you have spotted a customer pick him up. Drive him to his destination and collect money. An arrow will guide you the way after you have picked up the customer. You may upgrade your taxi. Be carefull and drive according to the rules. Avoid crashes with other cars and finally make enought money to pay the loansharks in this great gangster themed free taxi game.

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