Play Taxi Rush

Controls: Space: Jump - Up-Arrow-Key: Accelerate - Down-Arrow-Key: Brake
Left-Arrow-Key: Left - Right-Arrow-Key: Right

Bored of the classic Crazy Taxi Game? You want better graphics and nices sounds? Well you are certainly on the right track with Taxi Rush.
Get ready for an exiting ride on the freeway. Get in your nice car and fasten your seat belt. Feel the adrenaline and put your foot down a bit. Accelerate a bit and get a feeling for the Taxi. As you approach the first cars you might be able to overtake them the classic way. But soon you notice that the complete freeway is blocked and you will have to use your cars special abilities. You will have to train a pit. Once you hit the space bar your vehicle will become airborne. Try to find out the right distance and speed for your jump.

This game certainly offers huge improvements once it comes to graphics and sounds. The gameplay has stayed the same which is another plus.

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